half awake in a fake empire

no words. just pictures:

LIFE IS FULL OF COLLEGE AND WORK, but it is also filled with BAMFs like Eniko Mihalik, young Kate Moss, Abbey Lee, and the ineffable Lara Stone… cheers to THAT!

[images via touchpuppet, google images]



Caught Out There

Hannah and Lee and I went to Wal-Mart (or, as the sign at our Wal-Mart reads, “WA-MART”) last night… because it is obviously the greatest place on earth.

We had to be surreptitious with the camera because, for some reason, WA-MART prefers not to have its hilarity and absurdity photographed.


P.S. I’m wearing the new boots I got in the first photo… they’re pretty rad and make me feel like Batman, so count on better pictures soon!

light year

Here’s a little snapshot of my mind today:

[images via The Sartorialist, Fashion Squad]

I’m OBSESSED with this entry from the Sartorialist’s photo contest– she’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Also– Lee and Hannah and I are reunited this weekend AND I’ve been buying a ridiculous number of shoes lately, so updates to come SOON! Of a pertinent nature! I promise!!


Heard ‘Em All

HELLO FRIENDS. Because my life remains crazy, and also because it’s been a consistent 70 degrees lately and I’m overcome with weather-lust, here are some BEAUTIFUL THINGS for your enjoyment. Not the least of which is this IN-EFFING-CREDIBLE remix of something I already loved (that being, of course, Yael Naim’s version of Toxic).

[sources: rackk & ruin, touchpuppet, the electric, google images, tiny lights, etc.]



An actual outfit post? AGAIN within a two-week period? GEEZ IT’S ALMOST LIKE I’M ON TOP OF MY SHIT. Sort of. Not really. But, with this new camera and its amazing ability to TAKE DECENT PICTURES, maybe this’ll become a regular thing again…

Here are my new babies, the Jimmy Choo nude pumps I bought in San Francisco over spring break. I’ve gotta say, these are some mighty incredible shoes– all leg-elongating, camely-nude goodness and comfortable to boot! Worn with a D&G dress (my prom dress from junior year, actually… who says you can’t wear your old prom dress to class!?!) and my mother’s vintage leather jacket from the ’70s:

I still don’t have a tripod in my room, so I had to get creative in order to fit the beautiful shoe in the frame… classy, aren’t I?


B L O G I V E R S A R Y // 200

Well, here we are… [approximately] ONE YEAR after Hannah and I embarked upon A & H… and we’re 200 posts in, as well!

To celebrate these little milestones (and because I can’t sleep and I really, really should be doing schoolwork…), here is a random collage I made on the airplane from the dregs of my inspiration files because I didn’t have internet. HURRAH!

What do the Gareth Pugh F/W 2010 collection, a screencap from one of my favorite movies (The Cranes Are Flying), an early Vogue cover, and a random b+w photo have in common? NOT MUCH, except for the fact that each of these things holds a little place in my jumbled, random, and ever-expanding aesthetic… maybe they even go together, a little bit? Maybe?

[images from Jak & Jil, style.com, and random google image searches from forever ago…]

Here’s to another year of blogging, and the hope that 2010 will bring many more than 200 more posts because maybe I’ll get my act together and start posting REGULARLY again… wouldn’t that be great?


P.S. I just found out that I’ve been accepted to my university’s study abroad program in Lyon, France for six weeks this summer– I’m excited, nervous, and completely overwhelmed! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Red Whine

Watch me talk for a few minutes, if you so desire (even though, as always, youtube has given me a screen-cap that makes me look like a crazed chipmunk…thanks, guys…):

and then WHAT’S THIS??? AN ACTUAL OUTFIT POST??? Yes, my friends… I’ve finally gotten my act together.

…I be cheesin’.

[outfit deets: Rick Owens jacket, Loeffler Randall top (doesn’t it look kind of like ribs? I’M IN LOVE.), vintage denim shorts, tights whose origin is of little importance, Modern Vintage ankle boots]

The shirt kind of reminds me of the straps in this Ann Demeulemeester crazy bondagy corset/vest thing from Spring ’09…

…and my necklace? That’s a small, insignificant tribute to the pure insanity and beauty of the Miu Miu S/S ’10 collection… especially these SHOES:

mmm yummy. [images via style.com]

AND FINALLY, here’s the first of my many goodwill finds of late… behold the POWER JACKET:

It’s got this beautiful, 40s-reminiscent speckled print and shoulder pads for dayssss. PERFECTION.

And now I’m off to the west coast, to sleep, eat, listen to an absurd amount of Snoop Dogg (who was in San Francisco MERE DAYS before I’m getting there… I could’ve seen him two weeks in a row, but alas, it was not to be…), research three different papers (here’s where it becomes clear how much of a nerd I am…), and spend some quality time with my other main man Cormac McCarthy. GOOD TIMES. (<–and good times are always better with some French techno. Learn it. Live it.)