four fourteen ten

The fact that this is my second outfit post in a row broadcasted from the FLOOR OF THE LIBRARY should tell you something about:

a) how much time I spend in the library [an inordinate amount].

b) my need for procrastinatory outlets [hence the outfit posts… which I ironically do more often when I’m incredibly busy… go figure.]


Today was “De-Stereotype Day” here at UVa, and just about everyone  is sporting this tee-shirt (which only marginally raises the homogeneity of people’s sartorial tastes around here…YIKES). We were supposed to write something about ourselves that isn’t stereotypical on the back of the shirt. Mine says “I love rap” because, while I don’t even think twice about my intense affection for rap, others apparently find it incongruous with my nerdy parlance and phosphorescent-white complexion.

Yeah, the whole concept is a little campy and hokey, but I rather enjoy it… maybe another anti-stereotypical thing about me is that I have a soft spot for the kind of unbridled optimism and faith in the potential of the human race that is required to plan an event like “De-Sterotype Day.”

… I’ll stop writing incredibly long and obnoxiously complex sentences now and show you a few more sub-par library shots.

[outfit deets: Rick Owens jacket (<3 ❤ <3), free tee-shirt, bdg mini-skirt, Jimmy Choo pumps (also ❤ ❤ <3–these are pretty much the best ever EVER)]


P.S.–speaking of my love of rap, here’s what’s been on non-stop repeat lately:

Lay Your Ass Down Tipsy (DJ Dru Remix)

House Shoes–Snoop Dogg

and, as ALWAYS, what is probably my favorite piece of music ever, Clipse’s magnum opus, WHEN THE LAST TIME.


3 responses to “four fourteen ten

  1. love your leather jacket!

  2. I love the Jimmy Choos! And that sounds like an interesting concept. We had something similar to it here, but without the free t-shirts.
    Stolen Stiletto

  3. you’ve got some nice shoes i see, but the Jimmy Choos are truly the best for me! the shade is perfect, the heel is perfect! excellent choice 😉

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