baby, we’ll be fine

As of this week, I am embarking on the FINAL MONTH of my first year of college. It will be a month defined by two giant papers, four group projects (in all of which I will be powerless to resist taking an absurd leadership role…because I’m THAT MUCH of a nerd/control freak…), another calculus midterm, five finals, and plenty of other annoying things like keeping up with reading and silly little homework assignments. oh boy.

Anyway, to celebrate the death of my social life, I decided to wear some new shoes today– meet my beautiful Louboutin babies (if anyone’s counting, I now have two pairs of Christian Louboutins…and the addiction is growing with every pair…)

I got them on an insane sale at; I actually bought two pairs and had to make an agonizingly painful choice between them… I finally decided on these precisely because they weren’t like anything else I own.

Normally, I gravitate towards shoes that have a harder edge, or are more ‘fashion-y’ (see my Nicholas Kirkwoods and Margielas for examples of my shoe tastes). But here, deciding between these candy-colored beauties and another pair of (admittedly downright GORGEOUS) camel pumps, I took the plunge and went for the pair that was, quite simply, FUN.

I mean, LOOK AT THEM. They’re just pure, unadulterated, shiny, pin-up, vampy, maraschino-cherry FUN.

Wearing them around campus today, I know I’ve made a good choice… despite the immense amount of work I have to do today, I can’t help but have a little spring in my step! AND they’re comfortable. Christian Louboutin, je t’adore!

The rest of my outfit is a) hard to see in these shitty webcam pictures (left my camera at home. oops) and b) irrelevant in comparison to the shoes.

I’ve written too much and I have to go to class now. Joy.


P.S. Yes, these pictures were taken ON THE FLOOR OF THE LIBRARY, because apparently everyone and their mother decided to take up EVERY SINGLE AVAILABLE SEAT and I had to resign myself to a dark corner of the stacks, squatting on the floor all hobo-like with my latté and copious notebooks.


3 responses to “baby, we’ll be fine

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  2. Good luck!

  3. i LOVE glossy red platforms and these are no exception. gorgeous.

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