An actual outfit post? AGAIN within a two-week period? GEEZ IT’S ALMOST LIKE I’M ON TOP OF MY SHIT. Sort of. Not really. But, with this new camera and its amazing ability to TAKE DECENT PICTURES, maybe this’ll become a regular thing again…

Here are my new babies, the Jimmy Choo nude pumps I bought in San Francisco over spring break. I’ve gotta say, these are some mighty incredible shoes– all leg-elongating, camely-nude goodness and comfortable to boot! Worn with a D&G dress (my prom dress from junior year, actually… who says you can’t wear your old prom dress to class!?!) and my mother’s vintage leather jacket from the ’70s:

I still don’t have a tripod in my room, so I had to get creative in order to fit the beautiful shoe in the frame… classy, aren’t I?



2 responses to “3.15.10

  1. Sooo… how fabulous are your shoes? The whole outfit is fly.
    I’m a compulsive link clicker and I think I got here by way of Jak and Jil…

  2. oh those shoes are amazing!! and how gorgeous is your hair?! lucky thing. xx

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