Red Whine

Watch me talk for a few minutes, if you so desire (even though, as always, youtube has given me a screen-cap that makes me look like a crazed chipmunk…thanks, guys…):

and then WHAT’S THIS??? AN ACTUAL OUTFIT POST??? Yes, my friends… I’ve finally gotten my act together.

…I be cheesin’.

[outfit deets: Rick Owens jacket, Loeffler Randall top (doesn’t it look kind of like ribs? I’M IN LOVE.), vintage denim shorts, tights whose origin is of little importance, Modern Vintage ankle boots]

The shirt kind of reminds me of the straps in this Ann Demeulemeester crazy bondagy corset/vest thing from Spring ’09…

…and my necklace? That’s a small, insignificant tribute to the pure insanity and beauty of the Miu Miu S/S ’10 collection… especially these SHOES:

mmm yummy. [images via]

AND FINALLY, here’s the first of my many goodwill finds of late… behold the POWER JACKET:

It’s got this beautiful, 40s-reminiscent speckled print and shoulder pads for dayssss. PERFECTION.

And now I’m off to the west coast, to sleep, eat, listen to an absurd amount of Snoop Dogg (who was in San Francisco MERE DAYS before I’m getting there… I could’ve seen him two weeks in a row, but alas, it was not to be…), research three different papers (here’s where it becomes clear how much of a nerd I am…), and spend some quality time with my other main man Cormac McCarthy. GOOD TIMES. (<–and good times are always better with some French techno. Learn it. Live it.)



3 responses to “Red Whine

  1. Ahhh I saw Alexa Chung said on Twitter that Miu Miu had made the perfect pair of shoes when she wore those babies, and I can see why!

    Lovely outfit! xoxo

  2. that outfit really is adorable. deconstructed and ripped up shirts often find themselves looking ridiculous but not only is yours subtle but also even pretty! well done.


  3. that blazer just looks excellent

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