Now Let Me Welcome Everybody To The Wild, Wild West…

[images courtesy of here, here, here]

Here’s how it went down:

I was thinking “gee, that Abbey Lee Kershaw editorial is pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. I love the way it chose to feature the Prada S/S 2010 collection (which I had previously been struggling to figure out whether I liked or not… I think I’ve settled on HOPELESSLY OBSESSED)”…

…And then I went back and looked at it and realized it reminded me a lot of the Claire Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio [totally crazy] version of Romeo + Juliet (not sure how I feel about the movie but I LOVE how it looks)…

…And so I found some stills from that movie (rant of the day: there are NEVER ENOUGH good stills on the internet! STRUGGLES.), and then all the fluorescent goodness reminded me of this OFF-THE-WALL Baldovino Barani editorial which is also one of my favorite things ever…

…and when I was looking for that editorial I found the new Valentino ad campaign (it’s frikin’ awesome… color me PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!) and some other random stuff…

…and I put it all together and am now under the firm compunction that I NEED TO LOOK LIKE A CRAZED NEON-CLAD FUTURISTIC MERMAID/CLAIRE DANES/HAVE ABBEY LEE KERSHAW’S IN-EFFING-CREDIBLE HAIR (stay tuned– I think Hannah and I are going to go for it this summer…).



P.S. I thoroughly apologize for the lack of significant intelligent commentary/content of late; college is beating me over the head with work this semester.

P.P.S. My love for 2Pac will never die:


6 responses to “Now Let Me Welcome Everybody To The Wild, Wild West…

  1. Avaaaaaaaaa. This post just serves to remind me that I am (unfortunately!) not Claire Danes. Which is really pretty unfair.

    Oh, A +++ on the rest! I don’t think I could ever NOT love Prada!

  2. Awesome college.
    Great blog.

  3. love the collage!

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