If This Is Love, Then I Might Just Leave It

This is what it would look like if my brain exploded right now…

[images from here; here]

I’m so tired that I think I’m going to have to let that one speak for itself… I’ve got something more concrete in the works for tomorrow or Wednesday, though, I PROMISE! (I feel like I say “I PROMISE” a lot on the blog… whoops!)

Also. I bought a shirt. It is amazing and white and vintage and incredible and totally goes with the tenets of my spring manifesto. Observe, via crappy photobooth pictures because my camera is officially dead when it comes to self-timer, my latest sartorial triumph:

Yeah… really crappy photos.



7 responses to “If This Is Love, Then I Might Just Leave It

  1. I love that top. It seems like an adaptable piece that you could work into many outfits.

  2. Great collage and that top is perfect for spring. I’d be quick to pair it with some high waisted khaki shorts….if only it was mine. 🙂

    My Life in Style

  3. good inspiration and look, love the dentelle it’s so elegant

  4. Glad you enjoy our site Ava!

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