I have lost my heart to Alexander Wang.

Deep down, I know it won’t last.  If I can clear my head for just a second, I know that it’s silly, overly trendy, and probably objectively tacky.

BUT.  This is pure lust:



I’m going to the thrift store today, and I WILL be getting pinstripes and velvet!  What a girl will do for love…



6 responses to “Fling

  1. I feel ur enthousiasm girl and this looks utterly amazing!

  2. yo girl i feel you. post up some outfit pics for your far-away blogging partner over here! i wanna SEEEEE WHAT YOU GET!!

  3. alexander wang is simply amazing!

  4. A lot of people seemed to dislike this collection and though I feel it wasn’t perfect either there are definitely some amazing lustworthy pieces in it. I’m a huge fan of velvet too so that really hit the spot for me, and of course the glasses are amazing!

  5. I must agree with you.
    I especially liked the second outfit.

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