It’s Such A Heartache

[images via (Celine, Proenza Schouler, Calvin Klein), google image search]

I’ve had a crazy/tough week, so, of course, I’ve decided to put off starting my Calculus homework in favor of making another amorphous inspiration post. Hurrah!

So here’s the deal. I’m tired of this cold and snow and ice and other weather conditions which prohibit me from frolicking about in brief, white summer dresses. Naturally, then, my mind has been consumed lately by fantasies of spring and summer in the south, a time that’s all heavy air and magnolia flowers and playful breezes… mmm I WANT IT!

In preparation, here’s my summer manifesto for 2010:


SHIRT DRESSES (I love Proenza Schouler’s slightly grunge, layered take)


SIMPLE SWATHS OF FABRIC with hints of FEMININITY (there’s just something so perfect about that black leather Celine dress with the white scarf/neck-piece)

And a hint of VIBRANT, FLOWERLIKE COLOR (Again, Proenza Schouler is just killin’ it with that purple skirt!)

…so that’s about IT. I could go on forever about the images I chose for the background of my little collage (my Cultural Landscapes of the United States class has, as expected, made me hopelessly obsessed with landscapes, especially the alluring, cloying, and complex tableau of the plantation South…).

But I’ll try my hand at concision and just say that I wanted to convey the feeling of sweet air and innocence with a biting undercurrent of uncanniness and subversion that, to me epitomizes the southern landscape, especially in the summer. And you all know how I love a little uncanniness and subversion



6 responses to “It’s Such A Heartache

  1. Just stumbled across your blog…I must say I love your style of writing, and your summer manifesto! I can’t wait for warm weather either 🙂

    romeo & the lonely girl

  2. I love doing blog posts instead of my calculus homework haha. Great blog 🙂

  3. Don´t study that much. 😉 Love all the pieces of clothing.

    B* a la Moda

  4. wideawakethoughts

    it’s so ironic to read this post… i live in Australia and am sweating through a 40 degree celcius summer and all i crave is to wake up and layer up. trousers, blazers, oversize sweaters, oh to wear everything i own at once. pouring through international blogs hardly helps, there’s so much inspiration for winter weather dressing. i suppose we always want what we can’t have! if you’re interested in a life swap, even just for a handful of days, you know where to find me x

  5. Oh I am well versed in the art of procrastination! I live in Australia too but I love summer. All i miss is the multi layered winter fashion and beautiful coats + I’ve never seen falling snow

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