And All That She Asks We’ll Allow Her

Here is another [theoretical] outfit I dreamed up based on my aesthetic at the moment, which I’ve been trying to come up with a way to describe that doesn’t suck. So here goes:

Basically, I want to hold onto some elements of my style that I really enjoy and would like to remain constant, especially in terms of fit. I’ve found that I can’t escape certain proportions that flatter me (cinched waists, pencil skirts, etc.) and those that don’t (tent blouses, drop waists, mid-calf skirts… I could go on and on about these…), and, of course, these proportions inevitably dictate many of the core influences I’m drawn to.

However, I also want to play with the boundaries of this established lens through which I look at fashion (especially in the sense of actually purchasing a garment) in order to evolve and find new and exciting sources for inspiration.

This is why I think I’ve been relying more on abstract images rather than “fashion” images of late, although these have been combined with select sartorial references, most of them from decades gone by, to form what I think of as an intriguing and achievable departure from my existing style.

Maybe this will make more sense with some actual IMAGES (rather than my insipid ramblings continuing into oblivion…)

[Vintage lace jacket (part of my favorite vintage wedding dress), A Détacher top, vintage shorts, Luchese cowboy boots]

Here, I was taking some elements that are seemingly all too familiar in my wardrobe vocabulary (black and white, to name a few…) and changing it up by layering a lot of textures, for an effect reminiscent of these images from my collage–

[images from here]

I wanted something tactile and organic, but also accessible– I totally plan on wearing this once it’s no longer too damn FRIGID outside not to end up in fifty layers.

Also, the headwrap. I wanted to channel the cool of this chick (have Hannah and I mentioned enough how much we adore the crassness and political incorrectness of the word “chick”?? Well WE DO. It’s pretty rad. Chicks, man. Chicks. …I digress), who was one of the human interlopers in my mostly abstract explosion o’ inspiration:

I’m definitely a headscarf/headband/head-ANYTHING convert. MUST APPLY TO REAL WORLD.

Well, I think I’ve talked for long enough… I’m off to watch some Law and Order SVU (a show, incidentally enough, packed with some pretty BADASS CHICKS…)



7 responses to “And All That She Asks We’ll Allow Her

  1. WOW, I adore your vintage lace jacket. It’s exquisite!

  2. yesss love that jacket! and great photos


  3. I aoder these inspiration pictures
    and your style is new.. I like it

  4. I really like the print on your top- very much like the photos you’ve posted!

  5. I love your blog, and the photos are great!

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