Along The Blacktop In The Gunmetal Light

As promised, I’ve been ruminating on my latest stash of rather abstract inspiration in an attempt to share with you some concrete examples of the sartorial aesthetic I’ve parsed from this collection of images.

These aren’t really “outfit posts” because, due to inclement weather and the unfeasible nature of some of the ensembles I put together, I haven’t actually donned these costumes outside the well-heated confines of my house. Rather, think of them as experiments or reflections of what’s been going through my head lately.

Here’s the first installment (I’ll post the others later so as to avoid a realllyyyy long post and because, well, it’s late and I’m tired):

[Grandmother’s vintage silver skirt, Romeo + Juliet Couture degradé plaid shirt, belt handed down from Hannah, Prada shoes (not that you can see them), vintage leather gloves and ring]

I thought maybe you’d like to see my train of thought in creating this particular ensemble; I drew from these images in particular from my latest collage, feeling the muted color scheme and the overlapping lines/textures of the plaid and the metallic skirt. And the gloves are just fabulous, so I threw them into the mix.

[images from here]

I feel like I’ve explained this kind of half-heartedly, maybe because I’m sleepy, or maybe because, honestly, the development of aesthetic inspiration into a concrete concept or outfit is a really difficult process to quantify. Hopefully this attempt hasn’t been completely in vain.

More to come tomorrow– better written and better explained, I promise!



3 responses to “Along The Blacktop In The Gunmetal Light

  1. looking at the picture with the holes and dark background kind of reminds me of the texture and pattern the genius rodarte creates. great image

  2. oh I love the skirt!! 😀

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