The Universe Is No Narrow Thing

As promised, here is what I’m feelin’ right now. As you can see, it’s rather abstract; I’m thinking more in terms of patterns and colors and things of that sort rather than specific designers, collections, or objects.

You may be wondering how in the world I’m going to apply this all practically… and, to be honest, so am I, but stay tuned! I’ve got some costumes in the works that play off of some of the elements seen above, and I’m excited to start taking inspirational cues from beyond the realm of designers’ and editors’ presentations of modern fashion.

Don’t get me wrong–I love to see designers’ visions in their purest form and also see these translated and amalgamated into editorials because I think both offer distinct and equally valid perspectives on fashion, perspectives I enjoy and thrive on creatively; I just have an itch to step away from that a little bit and try to develop outfits, my wardrobe, and my style as a whole independent of the constant ebb and flow of trends and the dizzying pace and dogmas of the industry….

Maybe I can call this a New Year’s Resolution?? Wish me luck!


[images from here]


11 responses to “The Universe Is No Narrow Thing

  1. Looking forward to seeing how these photos inspire you, they’re a great selection. ffffound is amazing!

    happy new year!


  3. Stunning pictures! I am always envious of people that can pull inspiration from such abstract images and turn it into beautiful fashion. Look forward to seeing what comes

  4. wideawakethoughts

    wow – that is amazing, what a beautiful way to capture a mood and sum up an approach to a new decade.

    happy new year lovely one x

  5. Beautiful, beautiful colors.

  6. happy new year. i love the collage and i love ur resolution 🙂 Good luck with it 🙂

  7. I agree and – Great resolution for 2010 – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  8. What a very attractive New Year Resolution! Looks like there are good things to come… Sabine x

  9. I love it, it’s like a filmstrip of textures and colors. Great abstraction of what you feel. x)

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