You may be looking at this and thinking “AN OUTFIT POST? WHAT IS THIS??!?” I know, I know, I’ve been more than remiss in the outfit posting department over the past few months, but now that I’m on winter break I’ve decided to get my act together and make an attempt…

Of course, my camera is completely uncooperative on self-timer, I don’t have a tripod, etc. etc., so I had to improvise:

[Rick Owens Jacket, A Détacher top, vintage and thrifted cuffs, Rodarte for Target skirt (Hannah and I have a joint post in the works reviewing the whole collection and relating the hilarious story of our dogged pursuit of some Mullevian goodness…), Marc Jacobs wedges]

Excuse the shameless myspace photography, horrible lighting (another arena in which my camera is less than stellar), and not-so-representative collage, but maybe you can get an idea of what I wore today? Maybe? Sort of?

Anyway, since I’ve been home I’ve also been cleaning like crazy, the result being that I FINALLY have an organized jewelry drawer and things like that in my bathroom! Behold:



9 responses to “12.22.09

  1. you have some amazing looking jewellery! love the way you have created the collage.


  2. gorgeous collection of jewelry

  3. love the trinkets! awesome photography im a fan now! x

  4. Wow, you have some amazing jewellery!

  5. Damn you know how to make storage fashionable. Amazing jewellery, girl!

  6. wooow,love all of these things 😀
    all is amazing.


    lot of kisses, hope you’ll take a look at our blog. :))

  7. i love the way you put that photo together! and i agree with everyone else… your jewelry collection looks pretty enviable. xx

  8. i see you have great taste (smell?) in fragrances. i love euphoria, it is my daily scent. and Tom ford smells heavenly.

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