Are You Ready?

These.  Are.  Stunning.

In the past, I’ve been kind of eh about Liya Kebede on account of she’s-almost-too-perfect-and-therefore-not-interesting, but looking at these I am riveted.  Not to even mention the clothes.  This is the kind of editorial I love – you look at it and think get practical ideas instead of just thinking “Damn I can NEVER afford something like that.”  There are so many colors and shapes at play.  I’m going to be examining this for days.

Oh and guess what??  We have SNOW!!!!!!!  Two whole feet!!!  This is super exciting because we never get snow in Virginia and OH MY GOD I AM LEGIT SNOWED IN!!!!  Fortunately Ava and I live only a few blocks away so we will def be partying it up and bringing SexyBack back (um MAYBE that’s just me).



4 responses to “Are You Ready?

  1. loving these shots xxxx

  2. love this, simply beautiful!!! 🙂

  3. Really beautiful shots, amazing styling. And there’s snow here (the netherlands) too, a whole lot of it;) Enjoy!

  4. Amazing images, very inspirational post 🙂

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