I long to see st. judy’s comet sparkle in your eyes

Hello A and H readers! This is Sarah, a friend of A and H, and  photo shoot companion (remember this?).
Anyways, Hannah has given me the very special privilege of writing a guest post! Lately, I have been very inspired by Sharon Tate. I recently watched Valley of the Dolls, and while the movie was not a cinematic masterpiece, I could not take my eyes off of Sharon Tate.

She is just the epitome of classic, American beauty. I really don’t want to talk about Charles Manson in this post at all, because A) he is not worth mentioning or talking about and B) he/the murder is not relevant to Sharon as a style or beauty icon. Her death was indeed incredibly tragic and horrific, but I don’t want her to be remembered for just that. She was truly a fashion and beauty icon, as well as a promising actress. I would have liked to see her do more, her comic timing in movies like “The Wrecking Crew” is great.

To me, she is the very epitome of the Sixties, far more then Edie, Twiggy, or Marianne Faithfull (although I adore them all). She was just such a classic beauty, supremely sexy with a “girl next door” vulnerability. Her style was a true display of everything sixties: bohemian, natural and hippie-ish, yet also poppy and mod. (sorry for the ish’s). Her sister Debra recently summed up sharon’s style in an interview perfectly: whimsical, sexy, yet also childlike.

That”s a picture of her wedding with Roman Polanski in about 1967. I think it really showcases her style.

Sharon in Valley of the Dolls. I have had many epic fails when attempting to recreate this hair style. This next photo is one of my favorites, a still from “The Fearless Vampires,” a film directed by her husband Roman Polanski.

This scene is so beautiful. This movie is just really visually appealing in general. Not only does she look stunning with red hair, but I love the contrast of the brightness of her hair with the bubblebath. I also love the antique bathtub.

Sorry to ramble, but words just can’t describe Sharon Tate. I think she is heavily underrated as a fashion icon and actress. She had a presence on screen much like Marilyn: you just wanted to keep watching her. To me, she is a picture of the Sixties, and a picture of beauty.

This video is interesting, not long, but still interesting to watch.

Thanks for the post Ava and Hannah! Hope I can do more!



5 responses to “I long to see st. judy’s comet sparkle in your eyes

  1. Sry for being offtopic – which WP template are you using? Looks amazing!!

  2. This is a great collection of photos, wonderful post!

  3. Sharon Tate is a true icon. Love her.

  4. I love everything with Sharon..I have paintings of her all over my walls in my apartment and god i wish i could look like her..She was so beautiful..

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