For the past two weeks, I’ve been existing under the stupefying influence of 9 AM classes, unrelenting and unapologetic cold and sopping wet weather, papers, French exams, and a general bout of ennui.

I felt like I needed some sort of visual jolt to lift me out of my slump because, as we all know, sometimes the suggestion of a new sartorial attitude or perspective is all you really need to renew your will to live! So here is my new manifesto:

slick black/sharp shapes/watery, flowing prints/texture texture texture/sheer sheer sheer/pops of white/dark eyes/////// and, hopefully, THE SHOES OF MY DREAMS:


These Balenciagas, seen here gracing the feet of Carine Roitfeld, have garnered my unadulterated LUST ever since I first locked eyes with them… (Aren’t they just arresting?) Now, they’re being dangled right in front of my face on Yooxdo I dare??

ANYWAY. I’m going to go don a beautifully functional and minimalist ensemble and dream of slipping my feet into these Balenciaga beauties and taking over the world…


[images courtesy of dripbook, Garance Doré, Jak & Jil, Modern Love, Le Fashion, Google Images]




3 responses to “Grindin’

  1. Thise shoes are exquisite. So enchantingly beautiful!

  2. Where do you get those shoes? They look like a collectible…

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