We Are Likeminded Individuals Sharing A Common Vision

Today I saw this picture by The Sartorialist that somehow completely summed up my current ideology:


I mean, I love everything about it.  I love the purple/gray and aqua, I love the rainy color tone.  But what I REALLY love is the marriage of function and design in her headphones.

I’m in art school right now and I haven’t picked a major.  But I’ve come to realize is that what I’m passionate about is finding a way to put more beauty into the real world, not just the art world.

Makes sense, right?  I mean, I’m writing a fashion blog, not a fine arts blog – that means something.  Part of it is that I have more access to fashion and have a better sense of how to discuss it.  But part of it is that fashion is much more democratic than fine art.  It’s completely accessible, and, whatever the critics say, it really is meant to make people feel more beautiful and confident.  More things in life should serve that purpose.

I know this is a super wordy post with not many pictures – sorry!  But I would love to hear your opinions on this!  I’ve been in both beautiful and nurturing environments and, well… high school, and it makes such a huge difference.  I’ve decided I want a career that addresses beauty in public spaces, and I just want to talk about it a little.  So forgive my rambling.

Oh, and this!  I love this song, and I love the message.  Enjoy!



9 responses to “We Are Likeminded Individuals Sharing A Common Vision

  1. ummmm ima need to see a halloween post soon. from, anonymous. except not really

  2. Hey,

    I am also in art school – in the UK. Here you go straight into your specialized subject. I too am beginning to appreciate more and more how fashion serves a purpose by making women, and men, feel more confident and that alone is enough to justify the fashion industry’s existence.

    Great post subject,,


  3. I think you articulated this really well, and I can totally relate. Fine art and fashion can be intertwined, but when they separate they each have very different qualities. And when there’s a fork in the road, I too choose the path to fashion. 🙂
    I think it can be a need to relate to the individual rather than a general public…

  4. I have been looking for awesome headphones for ages. The fact she matched her headphones to her shoes, gets an applause from me!

  5. Absolutely – anything that is beautiful or artistic can be inspiring, and fashion is one of the most simple and easy ways of making that accessible to everyone – whether its your own personal style or just someone else’s that you see in the street.

  6. His pictures are always such an amazing work of art, Love these colors

  7. LOVE the way the heel of the shoes matches the headphones.. the smallest things..


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