Open Atmosphere Take Me Anywhere

While performing my super necessary hourly checkup, something caught my eye.  New Fever Ray pictures!  Well, one new picture.  I have a few well-cultivated obsessions, and everything-Karin-Dreijer-Andersson-touches is definitely one of them.  So then, only one picture of someone no one else cares as much about?  To the blog! thought I.  So here I am, sharing.

Isn’t it amazing?  I think so.  Let’s look at a closer version:

It’s like Beowulf meets Star Trek.  This is a totally great look, right?

Upon finding this, I searched in vain for its parent photoshoot.  Google image yielded nothing!  However, if I find out anything more, be prepared for a big fat edit.  I’m not giving up, not yet.  I need to see if there’s more.

Oh, but I did find this.  There’s an article of some sort, too, probably about what an awesome person/musical god Karin is.  Check it out. And her myspace has a new song.  IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED.

Totally swoon-worthy.  She’s the top, no question.

Oh, and the reason I was on in the first place is that I was researching an upcoming post on Dolly Parton!  I love everything about her, including her crazy amazing wardrobe.  Girl knows how to work some sequins.  So that’s coming… be excited!



3 responses to “Open Atmosphere Take Me Anywhere

  1. Lovely!!! Thanks for sharing! = )

  2. I seriously love it. And love as well, it gave me so many new artists that I love now.

  3. wow check out those pics xxxxxxx

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