Garance, Garance, Garance

I’ve recently come to a realization. Garance Doré is quite possibly the coolest woman in the world. She’s confident, witty, strikingly beautiful, endearingly self-depricating, and, above all, completely real. Not to mention that her gams are pretty damn fantastic.




scott-schuman-garance-dore-street-styleTwo things in particular about the above photo. One: ADORABLE. SO. ADORABLE. Two: she is one of the few people I would trust to use Burberry plaid for good, not evil. I’m definitely having some umbrella envy right now…


[images courtesy of Google Images]


I was completely star-struck when I met her outside the Chanel Haute Couture show in July; I can’t believe how nice she was! (I, on the other hand, behaved like a stammering idiot…)

The moral of the story? She’s pretty much my ultimate style icon right now. I’m totally feeling her muted color palate, astute use of menswear shapes (no one does it better than her), free-flowing hair, and fabulous shoes.

Ah, Garance, si seulement je pouvais être aussi fabuleux que vous…



4 responses to “Garance, Garance, Garance

  1. you got to meet her?!? how freaking cool, i’m jealous

  2. AGREED AGREED I am Hannah and I approve this post yes yes yes!

  3. Yes I absolutely adore Garance! She does have great style. Isn’t that her giving a peck to the sartorialist ?

  4. I’m afraid your comment that Garance Dore is above all “real” is inaccurate given her recent disgraceful comments on ‘plus size’ models who are probably smaller than the majority of her readers. She is a disgrace to women and a perpetrator of the self-image crisis so many of them are lving through right now. Balanced journalism should recognise that.

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