I Have Never Known Such Missing of that Breaking Water

Ava and I seriously share some kind of aesthetic gene!  When I saw she had listed her latest style evolution as including “stripes, sweaters and plaid” my first reaction was HEYYY ME TOO!  I’ve been mentally composing a post on my stylistic influences this fall, and Ava’s post has spurred me to action!

Here are a few of my major references this season:

I know that Blair Waldorf isn’t a particularly unique inspiration for a girl of my demographic but I can’t help it – I’m totally into her look.  Preppy, rich and bold.  It’s an intense statement.  Perhaps more significant is the implications of her look – that she puts time and effort into looking amazing and doesn’t give a damn if it shows.  LOVE IT.

And in a similar vein:

Anna Dello Russo is the most glamorous woman in the world.  In an industry that celebrates the illusion of disinterest, Anna is all about over-the-top luxury.  Even better, she seems utterly immune to the laws of the fashion universe – if she likes a look, she will wear the boldest statement piece from the runway.  While other fashion peeps keep it black and androgynous, Anna’s exuberance for fashion is clear in her bright and unselfconscious choices, which, though often extreme, are always a continuation of her distinct aesthetic.

What I’m getting at is that in a time when punk-chic is the mainstream, Anna is a true rebel.  I can’t help but love her for it, and her spirit is totally something I want to emulate.

AND since I started this post (because I’m too busy/LAZY to actually compose an entire post and POST it) she has been getting a lot of blogger attention for various fashion week ensembles!

From The Sartorialist:

Bloglovin’ checks + new thumbnails of ADR = ultimate joy!

Back to television:

kj 13kj 08

I have already discussed at length how much I love Sabrina’s style.  Still do.

Moving on.  I don’t quite know WHY I consider the movie Love Songs (Les Chansons D’Amour) a guilty pleasure.  Probably because I have the occasional feeling that it is basically a French version of RENT… marketed to Americans like me.  I am irrational.  ANYWAY the characters wear nice clothes.  Particularly one of the main character Julie’s sisters Jeanne.  For some reason, google search yielded more pictures of main than secondary characters, but here is the girl I was looking for:

Unfortunately, she’s covered by a a big black coat.  But basically, Jeanne and her curly-haired sister (not pictured) wear tank dresses over button up shirts and tights in subdued shades of pink, gray and blue.  See her cuffs in the second picture?  Underneath the coat and over that shirt she’s wearing a gray tank.  It’s a super simple look but it is amazing.  You’ll have to take my word for it.

The other great thing is that the characters’ personalities and symbolic roles are clearly tied to what they wear.  Julie, a main character, wears the white coat which makes her seem both naive and otherworldly.  Ishmael wears a borrowed sweater that seems to magnetically draw him to its owner.  I love the idea of clothes with meanings.  I want a cinematic life.


EDIT: I forgot to mention The Glamourai.  Probably my favorite blog at the moment.  She has a look I don’t see anywhere else and I love it.

Also inspiring: Winona Ryder, Looklet, elitist articles in Harper’s Bazaar, Garance Dore’s glamorous life, jackets of all kinds, cool weather, dressing with restraint.  I am so psyched for the FW season!



10 responses to “I Have Never Known Such Missing of that Breaking Water

  1. this gives such a nice picture of you-v cool

  2. great pictures. the woman from the satorialist – what a great structural combination of those raybans and sharp shoulders. to me its like the lines are working paralell to each other.


  3. lovely outfits! they’re all so stunning!

    -N + K

  4. I’m a big fan of ‘Les chansons d’amour’….it’s an amazing movie, and yes…I completely agree about clothes on that movie. I love the style of Alice too…
    But yeah…Chiara Mastroianni is just amazing in everything what she does…and very stylish…it’s just in her veins…daugther of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni…nice combination, and very french. I saw her a few days ago in a film festival and it’s as charming as in movies!

    check this:

    • I did not know that! I will definitely check out more of her work – her performance was the best in the movie IMO. Love the music video too!

  5. you have a very fun blog…


  6. Great blog filled with tons of amazing fashion images ! i think its cool that you have such a large variety of inspirational style pictures and i Love leighton meester


  7. the women of the world!! they are amazing!!! blair waldoorf especially hahaa

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