Unfortunately, this is NOT actually what I wore today.  I wore it a week ago when it was cool out, but the current mugginess has driven me to generic tanks and skirts.  I meant to take a picture then, though, so here are some now:


Still haven’t found a good camera setup, but I’m at least I’m trying!




Blair Waldorf-inspired, natch.  This sounds silly, but I wish that red and green weren’t Christmas colors.  They make such an aristocratic combination, I want to wear then 24/7, partially in rebellion of the black/studded/ripped/deconstructed trend that’s getting a little boring about now, no?  And here’s a snap of my room!


I fully intend to do a Selby-style room shoot – next time perhaps? – to showcase my awesome decorating skills.  But for now you’ll have to live with my technically-challenged efforts at getting a decent outfit shot!



5 responses to “09-16-09

  1. love the plaid

    the crumpet girls

  2. i love your super cool blog 🙂

    please follow me on my twitter . issyemargaretha . thanks .

  3. what shoes are you wearing?? they are sooo gorgeous

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