So you know how I said college requires comfortable shoes? I was lamenting my fate. Then I saw these:

48577_fr_dl48577_cu_dlLeave it to Christian to make ballet flats into some of the most lethal shoes I’ve seen in a while…

brb I’m going to go drool over these some more.



15 responses to “LUST

  1. so beautiful!!! loving the zipper detail. been going crazy for a pair of zanotti heels which have insane zipper detail also!! love the way he has made a flat as beautiful as a heel.

  2. love them! i wore heels to uni today (a 45 minute walk up a hill haha) for the first time in ages and my feet are killing me – these look perfect!


  3. Drooling..too..OMG love them.

    One Love,

  4. wow i love these shoes, they make flats hot!

  5. Flats with an edge – stunning! Nice find!
    Just came across your lovely blog.
    Happy weekend!

  6. BUY. BUY. BUY!!!!
    wow i love.

  7. I have never seen a flat so cute and edgy

    i love them.
    and you have a wonderful blog.
    im so glad i just came across it!

  9. Amazing flats. Love them for fall. They are the perfect mix of elegance and S&M.


  10. love them.
    what a blog you’ve got here. simply wonderful will link you to mine!
    Tomorrow x

  11. your blog is great! Carmen told me about it and that inspired me to make my own blog c:

  12. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

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