M. I. A.

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Photo 9

Photo 6

Photo 11

Hey guyssss… I’m posting this quick update for a number of reasons.

ONE. Now that classes have officially started for both Hannah and I, neither of us have had much time to post… sorry ’bout that!

TWO. I’m currently holed up in the Siberian reaches of the library doing a veritable MOUNTAIN of Psychology reading. So I needed a distraction.

THREE. Refer to reason number two.

Sorry for the silly photo booth pictures… again, refer to reason number two for justification of my pictorial cry for help. BLOGGING EFFORTS + FASHION EFFORTS TO BE RENEWED SOON– PROMISE!!



4 responses to “M. I. A.

  1. take it from someone who works there… that building can do SCARY things to your head. blogging is surely as good a detox as any!

  2. You are so cute! I love the leopard print 🙂

  3. Studies are definitely more important than blogging (even tho we miss you)!

    Those are great pix of you in the library. 🙂

    Have fun in psychology!

  4. I always love leopard.

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