personal s p a c e

Hey everyone! This is my first post from the wonderful world of COLLEGE, so I thought I’d share some photos of my dorm room…

I tried my best to make it look as un-dorm-like as possible…



…in this picture you can see that I do in fact have a Star Trek keychain attached to my keys…. nerdy? me? NEVER.

DSC07484I absolutely adore this mirror– I was determined to find a great one after seeing the transformative effects mirrors had on Hannah’s dorm room.


DSC07503I put my Kirkwoods and Pradas on display; I won’t be wearing them that often because of how much walking I’ll be doing 🙂

DSC07505So yeah… that’s about it! I have an exciting purchase to share with you in the next few days– I’ll try to post in the next few days, but it’s kind of awkward taking photos when my roommate is here…



24 responses to “personal s p a c e

  1. wow! you did an incredible job of de-dorm-ifying it! i am about to go off to a dorm room and this definitely helps me to imagine its possibility as not dorm-y..hehe

  2. God I’m jealous – the light in there looks amazing! How did you get the mounted pieces to stick? My beloved collage is still resting on the AC unit…

  3. wow i love your room!!!

  4. those are some crazy killer shoes!

  5. i think you did a great job – lots of personality in the room!

  6. How chic are you! What an adorable room that looks like it’s in NYC, not a dorm. LOVE the mirror too.
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  7. love the pradas displayed on the coffee table

  8. pradas should be displayed on everyones coffee table :)great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog and follow it as I will yours! xo

  9. ohhh, my word!!
    Once I get to college, i’m keeping this post in mind somehow, your space is too fabulous
    and your shoes OMIGAHHH

  10. Fantastic use of space really!! along with taste and fabulous shoes. Love them.


  11. U made ur dormroom really cozy, love it!

    One Love,

  12. Love your dorm.
    I have always dreamt of College.

  13. your room is adorable! but be careful… dun get your shoes stolen!! theft happens frequently in college dorms

  14. You did an amazing job! Your room looks sooo nice 🙂

  15. THOSE SHOES!!! yeah it!

    One Love,

  16. Looks great! Love the shoes…what college are you studying at?

  17. what a cool room, Love those blue heels they are divine

  18. I am super jealous of your room! Doesn’t even resemble a dorm, in the least. And that mirror is to die for!

  19. Looks great! You did a much better job with your door room than I ever did with mine!

  20. wow i cannot wait until i get a dorm
    but i live in england and am only 14
    and england dont do dorms 😦 STILL i’ll pretend I live in yours.

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