So You Say

HIIIIIIIIIIII THIS IS MY FIRST POST FROM COLLEGE!!!  It has been muggy and gross but today it was stormy and temperate.  Consequently, my mood went from this to THIS!

Usually men’s fashion photography doesn’t do anything for me.  However, today I clicked on a Dripbook link from Bloglovin’ and discovered the work of Bonnie Jun.  Her beautiful photographs of my XY counterparts have prompted me to reevaluate my bias – at least when it comes to her work!

bonnie jun 02

bonnie jun 01

bonnie jun 03

bonnie jun 05

bonnie jun 06

The rest of her work is good too – I particularly like the mask pictures!

bonnie jun 07

bonnie jun 09

bonnie jun 10

bonnie jun 11

bonnie jun 12

Still, I think I like the man-pictures the most!  They have an intensity that is inspiring in a less literal sense and I am LONGING to emulate it!

Hope everyone’s experiencing a smooooooth transition from summer to… whatever you do in the fall.  A shout-out especially to all those embarking on your first college experience!  Ava moved in today and I am SO EXCITED for her!

– a very exuberant Hannah


5 responses to “So You Say

  1. hey i love the pics. if you are interested in men’s fashion photography, you should check out simon foxton. i discovered him this week at a london gallery. anywayz i too am starting college this fall. good luck to you and eva!! x

    check out my blog at

  2. love the picture with two chairs, so inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Ooooh wow I love all these shots!

  4. The last photo reminds me of an episode from The Family Guy when Stewie dreams about his teddy bear, Rupert. lol


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