Mean Streets and Pastel Houses

fallHere’s a collage I finished this evening [while avoiding the ultimately inescapable mountain of packing I still have to do for college…]

Lately, I’ve been craving an amalgamation of Klimt’s seductive, exuberant glamour and serious black-and-white, shredded/studded toughness. To that end, I recently purchased the following necklace on Etsy:
il_430xN.74311099This necklace (called the Large Fuse Necklace) is, as the name suggests, made of a series of now-defunct household fuses. That industrial material, coupled with its dramatic, bib-like structure, makes it a perfect piece of jewelry to push my aesthetic out of its comfort zone while remaining totally ‘me.’

It’s so fabulous– I can’t wait for it to get here!

Oh yeah… here are the sources for my collage: dripbook,, ffffound, geekologie, girl a la mode,, ilovepsycho, lefashion, photobucket,, style bubble, the electric, the x file of yulya x’s fashion world, and writedesignonline. Yikes… it sure takes a lottt of sourcing for me to make a collage 🙂



9 responses to “Mean Streets and Pastel Houses

  1. Your collage is beautiful but also made me think. Like about how we try to fit in a technological and impersonal society, but still be who we are. That’s the way you juxtaposed the images and what it got me thinking about. Wonderful. As for the fuse necklace, I think that I’d have to see it on someone to know … 🙂

  2. Gorgeous collage. I love it!

  3. that looks like an awesome necklace! cant wait to see it on you!!
    and oh man…that collage looks like it mightve taken forever to complete but it looks great!

  4. love your collage. that necklace is such a great idea!

  5. amazing collage, loving all the inspo. and awessomee necklace, it’s the perfect statement piece xx

  6. I love that collage!! Inspirational 😀

    xox, mavi

  7. Whoa, that necklace is effing supreme! I absolutely adore it!

    xoxo Heather

  8. cool necklace. totally unique.

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