Angel Fever

Ava and I are clearly mind twins… fraternal mind twins that is.  While she’s been watching My So-Called Life on Hulu, I have been using the same site to indulge in one of the campiest TV shows of all time… Charlie’s Angels.  As of now, I plan to live and breath low heels and jumpsuits and polyester blouses accessorized with chain necklaces.

ca 01 ca 03

ca 02 ca 05

In particular I have been inspired by Sabrina’s style.  Not only is she the toughest and brightest (read: best character) of the three, but she rocks an outfit like no other.  She nearly always wears red, which is a huge draw – what’s more ballsy and chic than a girl who rocks glamorous tomato-red suits that look straight out of a Gucci ad?

kj 14

She also wears a precursor to the famous Carrie necklace – at least I think that’s her name on it.  Watch for a not-so-original similar “trademark” in my sartorial future…

kj 03kj 04kj 05kj 06kj 07kj 08kj 09kj 10kj 12kj 13

(Photos from google image but mostly here – there’s an excellent summary of Sabrina’s character on this page as well!)

I read that Kate Jackson (Sabrina) and Farrah Fawcett (Jill) leave the cast at some point which will probably mark the end of my mini-obsession.  I hope they replace them with some cool chicks because Kelly is by far the dumbest and least useful of the trio.

Vintage TV is inspiring me and Ava – does any TV show inspire you?  Let me know because I prefer a good show to a movie any day!


PS First post on my new laptop = yay!


6 responses to “Angel Fever

  1. i did a small tribute to Farrah earlier in my posts. she was great

  2. i used to watch this show all the time

  3. This is a cool post. I’ve never seen the original charlies angels, but now I’m inspired to!

    xox, mavi

  4. This is an amazing post. I love it. Nicely done.

  5. nice choice of photos, i love watching charlie angels when its on at night

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