So I tried to be invisible…it’s surprisingly possible.

Even though it’s suffocatingly hot outside, my frequenting of the internet has inevitably led me to become caught up in a premature fall fashion obsession… This situation is only exacerbated by the fact that I’m in the process of packing up my entire wardrobe (or most of it, anyway) for college.

As I cull through my various racks and piles and drawers of clothes, I’ve been thinking about what type of statement I want my wardrobe to make, what kind of direction[s] I want it to go… kind of a heavy question, isn’t it?

I haven’t completely figured out the answer, or whether I even want to lean towards any particular aesthetic statement, but there’s one influence I’m soooo strongly itching to cultivate further:

indexYou probably haven’t seen it (props to you if you have!), but My So-Called Life was a woefully short-lived teen drama in the nineties that is probably one of the most visually compelling television shows I’ve ever watched. Between the perfectly executed grunge plaid ensembles and the muted color palette and striking lighting, the whole package is pretty incredible to look at.


It doesn’t hurt that Claire Danes and Jared Leto are quite the striking pair themselves…




I also love how each character brought a unique stylistic texture to the show, from Angela’s somehow perfect girlish baggy dresses and and enveloping proportions to Rayanne’s wilder, barer choices, to Ricky’s complex mixture of textures and patterns (and amazing jewelry)…



geocities 2[Images courtesy of photobucket, IMDb, and Google Images]

Anyways… I *strongly* encourage all of you to watch it– Hulu just added it so you can partake for free! While you’re doing that, I’m going to go stock up on some plaid shirts, baggy sweaters, old Levi’s, and some serious footwear! 🙂



6 responses to “So I tried to be invisible…it’s surprisingly possible.

  1. Jared Leto, is so yamii haha

    Love Miiicha

  2. i tried to be invisible and its impossible

  3. You are so right about both the styles and Jared Leto! And I would love to have that outfit in the photo that’s above the guy in the band uniform.

    I wonder why the show didn’t last? I will definitely check it out on Hulu. Thx!

  4. They do make a great couple. awesome fashion.

  5. umm…kool blog. if perchance ure nicholas kirkwoods dont fit in ure bag, u can tootally throw em my way;)

  6. Oh my god, I loved My So-Called Life so much!!

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