DSC07451Today I wore… a thrifted floral shirt I “borrowed” (…stole) from Hannah (thanks, Hannah!), Banana Republic skirt, Cole Haan shoes, and an assortment of thrifted jewelry.

I also continued work on my DIY jacket last night. Using acrylic paint and a semi-gloss gel medium, I played up the gradient effect on the bottom and also coated the hood to give it a leather-like, waxy treatment:



DSC07450Now all I have left to do is distress it a little, and I think I’ll have achieved the desired effect! Can’t wait until it’s chilly enough to wear it out!



9 responses to “08.08.09

  1. Love how you paired the glitzy sequined skirt with the flirty flower print top! you look super duper chic 🙂 and that DIY rick owen-esque jacket rocks!

  2. Really like what you’ve done to the jacket, very inspiring! 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how you combined the colors! I love the floral top with the black skirt and shoes. The jacket really works, too, especially with your hair color. You’ve got a contrast with the jacket and just a *hint* of continuity (but not too much) between the light colors of your hair and the light floral colors of the shirt.

    This is my first time reading your blog. Are you a designer (or going to be one)?

  4. The diy jacket looks already very good..like to see the end result , im pretty sure its gonna rock!

    One Love,

  5. I really like your outfit and the jacket!!!

  6. No I totally understand, she is annoying as Kate but I find her extremely pretty. 🙂 And you look marvelous in this outfit, dear. Tres beautiful!


  7. I really love the coat…very cool ❤


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