Okay, okay, so I know the title’s a little very corny, but…. I just COULDN’T HELP MYSELF 🙂 It’s pretty simple, really– I was bored yesterday, so I decided to [finally] embark upon my DIY quest. I took one Goodwill jumpsuit, attacked it with a pair of scissors, and then worked some magic with a bottle of RIT dye (now do you get the really bad pun? … I disgust myself.) Anyway, I’m very excited about the results:





Here’s what the jumpsuit looked like before I got my hands on it:

DSC07335…I’m not really a “baby pink” person…

Here it is after I cut the sleeves and ran it through the washing machine to prepare for the dye:



I also procured this incredible jacket at Goodwill yesterday. The minute I saw it, I was struck by the Rick Owens quality of the giant silver zipper and grey-green color:

DSC07339I also knew I wanted to do something to make it a little more… interesting. So I threw the bottom half of it in the dye bath overnight, and this is what came out:


DSC07384I’m pleased with how it came out, but this is definitely only the first step for this jacket. Next, I want to amp up the gradient effect at the bottom with a few layers of acrylic paint or ink, and then I want to distress it and maybe experiment with a wax treatment for the fabric…

When I’m done, I want it to evoke the feeling of one of these beautiful creations:
rick owens onerick owens four

rick owens threerick owens two



7 responses to “RIT DIY

  1. Awesome DIY with the jumpsuit, for some reason it reminds me of Rodarte! Look awesome, I especially love the distressed arms xx

  2. HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This is absolutely incredible, Ava. I am inspired. DIY party upon my returnal to VA, etc. etc.

  3. you have done an amazing job. really inspired me to do domethiing DIY.


  4. So epic. I will have to try some RIT dying of my own soon, haven’t done it since college, but your version turned out so great, you’ve inspired me!


  5. awesome awesome diy! the jumpsuit is stupendous! I’ve never seen anything like it, great skills girl!

  6. OMgosh the jumpsuit looks so much better now. Nice work.

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