I haven’t done an outfit post in a while!  In less than two weeks, I’ll be moving into college (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and in lieu of actual packing I’ve been critically assessing my wardrobe.  I cut off this formerly-ill-fitting green jacket last night and couldn’t resist constructing an outfit around it.

08-05-09 009

When coming up with an outfit, I often feel a) hampered by my inexpensive wardrobe and b) frustrated with my un-modelesque body.  I want to rock a statement piece but don’t own anything designer.  I want to play with proportions but can never replicate the volume-on-top-stork-legs look.  As I trim my wardrobe for college, I’ve decided to give up on these illusions and get rid of the clothes that might work if in favor of the ones that actually look good on me.  Sound a bit depressing?  Not really – for me it’s about finding what works so that I can feel confident and attractive in everything I own!

08-05-09 013



8 responses to “08-05-09

  1. I LOVE the teal and that you matched it with a blue belt! Very daring. I couldn’t do that. I’m too matchy-matchy to match same colors! yeah..I’m boring! Hahaha. You however look amazing!! Love the hacked-off shrug!! And I totally know how you feel about the whole “designer item thing” and the model thing… I’m too poor for designer items and I’m too short for the model one.. At least you look good though!!! 😉

  2. This is so cool! I love the color…and I really love the shape of it as well. It’s old fashioned looking, but it looks sweet 🙂

    xox, mavi

  3. the outfit you’ve placed together looks amazing!
    the background is also really beautiful

    sincerely, Y
    (from sincerely, YCM)

  4. Love the puffed sleeves.

  5. This dress is very unique, I love the color of it!)


  6. love the jacket. great look


  7. the sleeves are rocking

  8. As well you should. A closet full of what ifs just sucks. Besides, you’ll feel better knowing you wear what looks good on you and it’s all stuff you love. =D

    And you don’t need designer this and that, girl! Nothing beats a DIY every now and again to quench a fashion thirst. Unless you just HAVE to have something. Improv works wonders on a budget.

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