m a r g i e l a

Okay, okay, I know it’s been almost a MONTH since I was in Paris, so I reallllyy should have gotten around to sharing all of my purchases with you by now, but… I’d been feeling sort of uninspired [or too lazy to get out my camera] until now.

SO HERE THEY ARE. The most amazing, beautiful, original, tactile, sculptural, and (dare I say it?) COMFORTABLE pair of shoes, courtesy of the enigmatic Mr. Margiela himself:








These shoes actually have a story behind them– I first witnessed them in Bergdorf’s sprawling shoe salon when I was in New York in April, and fell deeply in love when I tried them on.

Alas, the steep price tag prevented me from purchasing, so I resolved to embark upon a thorough internet search. Unfortunately, after exhausting every resource I could think of, the search proved fruitless, and these beautiful shoes receded into the “someday” section of my wishlist along with those Stella McCartney Fall 2008 boots and quite a lot of Balenciaga (remember that bubble coat from Fall 2006? mmmmm…)…

In light of all this, I was quite pleasantly surprised when visiting the Margiela store in Paris to see *the* shoes perched on a shelf, generously marked down on sale! I can honestly say I have never entered into a purchase (especially a footwear purchase) with so little hesitation or deliberation!

So, there it is, folks! A fairytale reunion between a girl and her dream pair of Margielas!



9 responses to “m a r g i e l a

  1. omg! those are AMAZING!and the fact that they are comfy! margiela is such a genius, he really is thinking about our feet and keeping them comfy, lucky lucky girl!

  2. complete perfection – love your blog!

  3. oh i love your shoes! wonderful!

  4. Congratulations! I wanted those too. They are works of art.

  5. Ava, Amazing find! I love Margiela and these are just so architecturally chic!

    Muahhz darling


  6. Oh wow, you and the shoes are meant to be! 🙂 They look gorgeous and indeed comfortable.

  7. I LOVE those shoes! If ya don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay in Paris?? Im tempted…… 😉


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