“Be a K.D.!”

A few weeks ago, we had an intense hangout/photoshoot at the Kappa Delta sorority house, which Lee is using this summer as his art studio. It’s a pretty grand place… when I look at the sub-zero fridge and copious, spacious bedrooms, it almost makes me want to pledge 🙂

But for now….


kd 03


kd 05



kd 06



6453_1107448657447_1563720213_30362440_6415859_n(This is our friend Sarah– gorgeous, no?)


kd 07





kd 01

6453_1107468537944_1563720213_30362645_3367998_nI love this one– I’m really inspired to do more with mirror tricks after seeing these!

kd 08


I love this dress on Hannah– super stunning, girl!




kd 02



8 responses to ““Be a K.D.!”

  1. great photos looks like fun! Those mirror ones with the different outfits look so weird lol xoxox

  2. I think you should take that shirt off your head.

    Thankyou once again girls for making my day! The reason I love this blog is the photoshoots like this one. It reminds to never take myself too seriously.

  3. I’ve got a question: how did you pull of the mirror photo? did you put the camera in your mouth?

    The effect looks interesting

    • We actually had a third person take the picture, aiming at the person holding the mirror. The person whose body would be reflected in the mirror stood next to the person taking the picture, and the photographer would direct the mirror-holder to hold the mirror at an angle in which the “body” would reflect in it. Complicated, I know, but that’s how it was done 🙂 It’s really not that hard if you just play around with it!

  4. You’re a really pretty girl, but I don’t think that jumpers are flattering to your hips and ass- and I DON’T mean that your hips and ass are big! They’re not, but the lack of shape in the jumper gives them that illusion.

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