Ultimate Flow

If you get the title reference, you get a gold star for listening to Clipse, who are an insane-awesome rap group from (where else?) Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA. Let me STRONGLY recommend it. Hannah and I are both nursing some serrriouussss Clipse obsessions right now.

ANYWAYYY. I’m trying to get all my Paris shizz posted before I forget … so here’s installment 2:




DSC06053[Eco-centric tank top, thrifted Candice Candice corset, Reiss skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, worn at the Tuileries]

DSC06101[visiting the Louvre in such beautiful dramatic cloudy weather]

DSC06132[eatin’ a few Churros…probably not the best life choice, but damn they were yummy]


[view from a rather unstable ferris wheel]

Some more shoe sightings at the Elie Saab couture show:


DSC06307some of the crazier/tackier Louboutins I’ve seen…

DSC06341Nicholas Kirkwood…the love of my life


Up next?? A very special post detailing my two favorite Europe purchases. Stay tuned.



18 responses to “Ultimate Flow

  1. ahh wow, this looks so amazing! i really like your blog 🙂

  2. omg! I just love how you are documenting your trip! love all the pics ! i’m planning to do the same this oct in paris for fashion week, hopefully maury will come too. And i’ll definitely be at ny fashion week too. if you decide to go, please let me know, i’d love to meet you both!!

  3. wow looks like you had a great time. i am going to paris in just over a week. am so excited. can’t wait to see everything. thanks for posting these pics. and churros are the best. glad to know you can get them in paris! x

    visit my blog at

  4. Wow, I love all of your photos, and your outfit!

  5. You own those Kirkwoods? They look really nice!

  6. woooow



  7. I’m going to Paris next week-end, I can’t wait!
    Nice pictures!

  8. What a fun blog–just put you on my favorites! best Judy

  9. Wow your purple shoes are wonderful

  10. The blue leopard Loubs are projecting me in an acid jungle.

  11. I love your shoes! they were all so beautiful, but the electric blue/purple? ones that you had on are my new favorite shoes!

    I’m so jealous of your trip, you look like your are having a great time

  12. Sweet blue shoes you’ve got. I like the print louboutins the most ❤

  13. wow how did you get to go into the chanel show? :O

  14. ooohhhh I wanna see the Europe purchases!!

    You look great btw

  15. Amazing shoes! wowwwzaa!

  16. love these pics!

    camille x

  17. Hello my lovely 2 darlings! OMG, Ava I love all these Paris pics! I am loving your beautiful hair and lets not even talk about the Kirkwoods! I have already expressed numeruous times how I am going to snatch them from u when u come to NYC! jajaja, I know Gisela would want them too…even thought she already has an amazing pair aswell. I need to get my own!

    Muahhz darling,


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