Candy Perfume Girl

This woman is my idol.  I love love love these ads:

lv 01

lv 05

lv 02

lv 06

lv 03

lv 07

lv 04

lv 08

(from here)

I love the retro-ethereal feel these have.  She’s just perfect.



4 responses to “Candy Perfume Girl

  1. Ahhh I love Madonna in these. I prefer these to last year’s campaign because she suits colour so well!

  2. she looks like 25 in these and not like 50… i bet she loves it… still a good campaign

  3. Ah.. Thats heaven right there! Carine is gorgeous! And all those shoes are hot 🙂


  4. very detail explanation and useful posting for me 😉

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