The Transition [Amsterdam –> Paris]

So now I’m in Paris. I am overcome with joy. Couture fashion week starts tomorrow… my plan? Head over to the tents and do some people watching [/Carine Roitfeld stalking]. It’s going to be interesting.

Here’s stuff that happened since I posted last:

The train to Paris–


Passing through Antwerp–


Arriving in Paris (my view every time I get out of the Metro station at Avenue George V)–



What I’ve been wearing (a little boring because I’ve been walking a LOT; I’ll break out the heels tomorrow I PROMISE!)–


[Milly top, AG shorts that you can’t see in this picture, Cole Haan bag, Loeffler Randall sandals]




[3.1 Philip Lim dress, J Crew belt, Cole Haan shoes and bag]

Also…. today, I had a very close encounter with Britney Spears (!!!) on the streets of Paris. It was CRAZY. Observe–

DSC06033cuSorry for the poor quality– I didn’t want to creep too hard so I was across the street and had to zoom in. At one point we were a foot away from her, though. It was super fun/surreal, and on that note, I’ll end this post with a Brit-Brit classic–


I LOVE PARIS. More to come!



5 responses to “The Transition [Amsterdam –> Paris]

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  2. OMG How fun! I’m planning to go in Oct. for fashion week! and brit looks like shit! what the hell!
    btw, you look adorable!

  3. oh i love paris! and i miss paris! i haven’t been in ages and can’t wait to go again next summer! soak it all up and enjoy it!

  4. I’m glad you’re out there having fun!

    I’ve never been, but I trust that it’s an incredible place.

  5. Love the outfit, and flats look cute, give your tootsies a little break I say!

    Nicola xx

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