Hello hello! I’m sitting here watching Frasier with Dutch subtitles and finally enjoying [expensive] access to the hotel’s wi fi connection. I leave for Paris tomorrow, so I wanted to share all my Amsterdam experiences before I go.

It’s an incredible city– and an AMAZING place to shop! I’ll have more on my INSANE favorite purchase later (seriously– this is something I can’t BELIEVE I’m lucky enough to own!), but suffice to say it’s been a very successful trip so far in that arena…

Here’s a collage I whipped up of all the pictures I’ve taken around the city because I couldn’t choose which ones to post and didn’t want to overwhelme/bore you with an obnoxiously long post:


It’s beautiful, no?

I’ve also attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) some street-style shots on the sly… Here are the few usable ones I came up with– I wish I had more because I’ve seen so many well-dressed people, but a lot of the time I just couldn’t get my camera ready fast enough:



DSC05968More to come from Paris, I hope!

Next up: here’s what I’ve been wearing lately:

DSC05934[American Apparel dress, J Crew belt, thrifted jewelry, Cole Haan shoes and bag]



DSC05945[This is a jumpsuit I got here– the brand is Rodebjer, and I got it at a local boutique near our hotel. Worn with an American Apparel jumpsuit, Loeffler Randall sandals, thrifted jewelry]

DSC05973[A Detacher top, Banana Republic sequined skirt, Loeffler Randall sandals, vintage Coach bag]

And finally, here’s one of my other favorite purchases from Amsterdam– this pair of gorgeous [and deeply discounted] Prada pumps:



DSC05965They’re so fabulous! I can’t wait to show you my other big purchase… it DEFINITELY deserves its own post!

Well, hopefully Paris will bring a better internet situation–it’s REALLY slow here. No matter what, I won’t be deterred! The blog will go on! 🙂 More to come soon!



7 responses to “AMSTERDAM

  1. That collage is lovely! As are the fantastic sequinned shoes! Yummm.

  2. Those prada shoes are amazing! Love your AA dress too. xx

  3. oh lucky you! and those Prada shoes you got are superb…love the sequins.
    have fun on your way to Paris!

  4. I really love your jumpsuit outfit, very casual chic!

  5. Great post – I went to Amsterdam two years ago and was overwhelmed with the incredible street style. Love your pictures!

  6. Love these outfits! Especially the white dress and jumper!

  7. Your beige AA dress is so chic! I love it with the skinny belt.

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