Hold Me Like the River Jordan

To me, the sadness surrounding Michael Jackson’s death is incomparable to the tragedy of his life.  I honestly have mixed feelings about the wave of posthumous adoration he has received – part of me is unwilling to overlook the child molestation.  But really, even that was the result of a strange and unhappy life – one that he didn’t deserve.  This post is not one of mourning but one of celebration of his music and public persona, both of which will undoubtedly live on in the collective memory for a long time.  And OK, even if he reminded me of Voldemort near the end, I will always adore his videos for Thriller and Beat It.  He was a true icon.

A while ago, The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit) released a free-for-download CD that includes a killer choral mashup of Will You Be There (it’s the last track).  The entire album is def worth the download.



10 responses to “Hold Me Like the River Jordan

  1. A true icon indeed. The reaction to his passing is a testimony to the times we live in.

  2. I love love love thriller so much, it still feels so surreal.

  3. its sooo sad that hes gone already
    i just hope that he knoew how much we all loved him
    hes such a legend, he’ll live on forever in our hearts and through his timeless music and style

  4. MJ will be missed! love your previous post! those ann d boots are so amazing, I just ordered the Jeffrey Campbell version, can’t wait to get em! Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics!

  5. I just feel pity for the man…I don’t even think he did molest the kids, I just think he was mentally ill and trapped in a kids body, it’s all he ever wanted. To do-over his childhood after a horrific upbringing at the hands of his father.

    RIP Michael!

    X0X0 Lusty


    • Maybe. I guess I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt. I definitely agree that whatever happened was the direct product of his messed-up upbringing. I pity him too.

  6. What does “Hold me like the River Jordan,” mean, anyway? I never understood that lyric. How does a river hold you?

    • The weight of the water feels like an embrace to me. I guess it just depends on whether or not you have that personal reference point.

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