Packing Up and Leaving Town

…well, not quite yet… but in less than a week, I will be bound for EUROPE!!

Due to the impending nature of my trip, I’ve begun the [quite arduous] packing process, replete with a bundle of inspirational images to guide my sartorial selections. As follows:



eaapoaaco[I don’t remember where I got these… if they’re yours, please comment and I will happily cite them!]


Kate Moss, Amber Valletta by Mario Testinostyle by Carine Roitfeld[foto-decadent]


labjfaach[the electric][Alice Euphemia]





sabine-pieper-illustrations-600x430[cyana trend land — aren’t these illustrations just AMAZING?!?]

I’m nearly incoherent with excitement. [!!!] And rather worried I won’t fit everything [i.e., all my SHOES] into my suitcase…



17 responses to “Packing Up and Leaving Town

  1. And where extycly are you going?I live in Europe,Croatia 🙂
    Amazing pics!

  2. Wow, really beautiful pictures!

  3. hey its lisa of small details. these illustrations are amazing – so inspiring! i remember you saying you are going to paris. i am going at the end of july and I too cannot wait. have a fabulous time. thanks for posting such amazing, beautiful pics. x

  4. amazing pics!!!!

    Have a fab time!!!!


  5. this photos are amazing!!!

  6. love the first and fourth pictures! have fun on the trip

  7. all these are great. hope you have a fabulous time.. and the shopping is as good as these images!

  8. I love these photos. Have fun in europe, take loads of photos!!

    xox, mavi

  9. such awesome photos. the illustrations are my favorite. sooo great!

  10. i love all of these pictures – especially the top images!!

  11. lovely illustrations! which countries/cities will you be visiting in europe?

  12. Those photos are amazing! Have a good trip.

  13. Loooving the first three photos. And those illustrations are gorgeous! Have an amazing time in Europe!

  14. I really like all these pictures!

  15. umm YES to illustrations!

  16. Nice pics! And the illustrating are really gorgeous 🙂 Enjoy your time in Europe!

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