Thursday was the perfect summer day: Hannah and I made a pilgrimage to Richmond with our friend Lee (who is often behind the lens in our forays into editorial photography- see here, here, and here, among others)…

There was a little shopping at American Apparel (sometimes it’s necessary to venture into hipster-land in search of specific items) and Fan Thrift (it’s a tradition), lunch and limeade at Kuba Kuba (awesome place- check it outtt), sing-alongs [to some Mariee Sioux, The Knife,  Fever Ray, and Missy Elliot of course], and a prolonged stop at Hollywood Cemetary, which is legitimately one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

We found shade and sanctuary in an incredible little walled-in plot overlooking the river…









On the way home, we stopped by this crazy convention center [long story]:

DSC_3628Lee helping Hannah fasten her latest purchase (the Fan did manage to offer her this glorious 80s confection!)

DSC_3633I love this picture.

Ahhhhh SUMMER.


P.S. — 9 days until I’m off to Europe! I just found out I’m going to Amsterdam as well as Paris, which should be absolutely AMAZINGGGGG!


13 responses to “HOLLYWOOD

  1. Wow that denim shirt is so cool! You guys look very cool.

  2. Wow, I love what you did with that vest!

  3. omg that’s so weird, i’m going to amsterdam on the 30th!!! haha
    love your pictures and that bustier is so awesome.

  4. that denim vest is awesome!!!! love what you did with it


  5. hey! i loved the pics ^^
    original point of view =)

    PL ♥

  6. That denim top is epic.


  7. Love these pictures! You guys look great!


  8. love the white blazer and studded corset!
    have fun in europe!


  9. wow, sounds like you had a really great day. love the pictures 🙂 have fun overseas too!!
    xx brooke

  10. i love this photoshoots. how brave u are played in the scary place.. =D
    i love the jeans vest one. =D great

  11. Fun post, interesting location and great pictures! Hope you have the best time on your Eurotrip and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

  12. Interesting pictures. You’re crazy:D



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