DIY: Denim

Up until very recently, the following was a jean jacket:

DIY Denim 001

DIY Denim 002

DIY Denim 003

Outfit post to follow shortly.



13 responses to “DIY: Denim

  1. thats a MAJOR DIY! I’d be afraid to try!
    hope it turns out well – i’m excited for the outfit post!

  2. This is awesome! Can’t wait to see it on.

    x M

  3. A+H readers: I’m here to report that the “jacket” looks even better on, as evidenced by a soon-to-be-shared graveyard photo session!

    — Lee, cohort/photographer/guy occasionally lurking around in A+H photoshoot peripheries

  4. Wow, can’t wait to see how it looks in an outfit!

  5. Can’t wait to see how you style this one!
    awesome jacket!

  6. oh,
    it looks so cool!

  7. wow, love every single detail. you can really shred! amazing

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  8. this is super cool can’t wait to see it on you!!

    visit my blog

  9. That is so awesome. Reminds me of something Erin Wasson would wear. I’ve never seen the original Angels either.. lol 😉


  10. ooh nice DIY! can’t wait for the outfit post 🙂 I agree with Fashion CHALET – something erin wasson would wear indeed

  11. ooo this is soo cool!!!

  12. Crazy!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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