I won’t even mention how long it’s been since I last did an outfit post… summer’s been making me lazy to get out my camera so far, I guess…

Plus, for the past two days I’ve started my internship at my favorite local shoe store, Scarpa, which has been a lot of work (after much practice, I can now walk with a stack of six shoe boxes balanced under my chin… in heels) and adjustment but also really, really fun! That’s where I got these new Loeffler Randall sandals I’m wearing today– I’m pretty much in love with them:

DSC05847random cashmere cardigan, J Crew t-shirt, vintage Levi’s cutoffs, Loeffler Randall stingray sandals.


Here’s a close-up [okay, okay, a few close-ups]–they have this amazing texture and color:




I think my shoe closet is now officially ready for Paris! I’m going to start preliminarily packing over the next few days so that by the time I have to *actually* pack, my ensembles will be edited down to peak efficiency– I hate carrying an obnoxiously large suitcase!



12 responses to “06.13.09

  1. Lovely look, and the shoes are gorgeous!!

  2. Hannah,

    I love your shoes! Your manicure looks lovely as well. That colors suits your skin nicely.



  3. wow, the shoes… amazing!

  4. WOW, those cut-off shorts look killer on you! Love the entire look and those sandals are super wicked! love it all! and good luck at Scarpa :-))

  5. great cut offs, lady; the whole look in fact is love 🙂


  6. Love the shoes! Must be totally awesome working in a shoe store, I’m jealous of the discounts ;). Your cutoffs are great too xx

  7. great cut offs!

  8. Beautiful sandals and cutoffs!

  9. nice look! love the levis shorts.
    visit me!


  10. what a stylish outfit !!

  11. Those sandals are absolutely amazing. I don’t usually do sandals, but I would wear those.

  12. gorgeous sandals!!!!!

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