White Wings

ughands;fhsjdkhfjsdf I’ve been spending all my time lazing around watching Clueless and some more episodes of Star Trek [I highly recommend the one where Abraham Lincoln is reincarnated…wtf] and a little bit of whatever’s on TV and actually exercising [double wtf] and sleeping and NOT POSTING ANYTHING these past few days…

Since I’ve been a little bit out of commission and haven’t been doing much of anything sartorially titillating, here’s something pretty damn amazing with little effort on my part [although I am working on a collage, to be finished shortly… stay tuned].

Further proof that Vogue Nippon is the best kind of Vogue, I present this editorial photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott










I especially love the last two photos because they hint at my dream summer wardrobe thesis: FRINGE + CUTOUTS.

…oh wait! I did do something sorta interesting– graduated high school! Hannah already expressed our joy in a previous post, but here’s an obligatory pic of me in full polyester regalia, walkin’ to freedom:


…and I also bought new shoes! I love love love them because they’re comfortable and completely ready to trek the streets of Paris [in 18 days!!!]



Anyway. I’ll try to get into a better and less lazy summer rhythm in the next few days that involves me being awake for enough of the daytime hours to warrant putting on a decent outfit and venturing out into the world…



8 responses to “White Wings

  1. Congratulations on your graduation, and have an amazing time in Paris!

  2. great images! ur slingbacks will fit in nicely in Paris!

  3. Love the new shoes! And once again, congratulations on graduating! Where are you headed next year?

  4. Congrats on the graduation!
    What’s next?

    Yes, Vogue Nippon…love it!
    And Raquel’s new hair…love it too!

  5. Contemplating getting my haircut like that. Love this shoot, thanks for sharing.


  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! And cork is so comfortable. Have fun if Paris!

  7. sweet photo spread! i hope that’s how we will dress in the year 3000. haha

  8. Amazing photos, and love your new shoes!

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