larkin 05

Sometimes fashion inspiration comes from people who have nothing to do with fashion.  Take, for example, Larkin Grimm.  She’s a musician with an enormous, awe-inducing presence.

larkin 04

I have no idea how to describe her songs (which include titles such as Harpoon Baptism and The Most Excruciating Vibe) because there is no comparison.  They are physical and raw and ancient and expansive and include moans, wails, yelps and caws.  I saw her live two years ago, and was awestruck by the range and intensity of her voice.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone sing so high, low, loud, long, and unselfconsciously.

larkin 07larkin 03

Anyway, we’re not talking about Larkin because she has a unique and compelling sense of style (and she does).  It’s just that lately I’ve been thinking about how I’m more inspired by individuals than by editorials of collections.  Larkin Grimm is just one of the people who make me want to present myself as powerfully and enigmatically as possible.



5 responses to “Entrance

  1. Her necklace is incredible. x

  2. That necklace is all kinds of awesome 🙂 and I cannot believe I forgot about Battlestar Galactica, I’m not a sci-fi buff but even non-Sci-fi fans seem to really enjoy that show, thanks for the friendly reminder 😉 and sweet comment!


  3. Have to agree about the necklace. Also- that second song is incredibly beautiful.

  4. your comments always get my attention, I love them 🙂 thanks honey!


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