Back to Back Sacroiliac

Ava and I are OFFICIALLY graduated from high school! Graduation is a bizarre milestone – on the one hand, it marks the end of the end of childhood, and on the other, it doesn’t feel like an actual accomplishment.  I mean sure, you slogged through 12+ years of standard education, but who didn’t?  Is a lowest common denominator accomplishment really worth celebrating?

The answer, if you are my family, is YES YES YES.

I got presents.  Mostly $$$ presents.  Here is one of my favorite presents:

spine necklace (3)

spine necklace (6)

I love that it looks kind of like vertebrae.  This will be getting a LOT of wear.

spine necklace (1)

Happy graduation to all graduates! And um… the text color abuse.  Consider it noted.



3 responses to “Back to Back Sacroiliac

  1. Congrats to both of you!!

    It’ s a milestone and you should celebrate it. More people than you think don’t have a diploma, so throw up your hands and say you earned that necklace. =D

  2. i love your necklace ! so stunning !

  3. looove this necklace! it’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on graduating, I’m jealous because I don’t graduate until the 27th!

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