DIY: Deep Cuts

The absentee blogger returns!  Over the past week (or so?) I have been dressing up, scouring the net for editorials, and basically doing everything besides posting on the blog.  Sorry!

One of the main things I’ve been doing is cutting things up.  Cutting things up is incredibly fun because it requires few materials and few skills.  Yes!  My one and only problem has been fighting the urge to cut gashes in my entire wardrobe.  We’ll see how that one goes.

My inspiration was Rodarte’s S/S 2009 collection.  I love the skeletal shapes of some of the pieces and was trying to recreate that.

rodarte 01 rodarte 02

I started with my DIY’d skull shirt:

deep cuts 014

Moved on to a black leotard:

deep cuts 006

deep cuts 003

And finally snipped up an AA shirt:

deep cuts 008

deep cuts 010

This is probably my most satisfying DIY endeavor ever.  Highly recommended to anyone else too lazy to haul out the sewing machine.

I still need a summer job.  I’m seriously considering a career as a full-time busker – all the “real” jobs are taken!  Whoever said summer was vacation time never had to earn 9 months’ worth of spending money.

Oh, and for anyone who got the title reference, here is a live rendition of my favorite song off that CD (and possibly of all time):



One response to “DIY: Deep Cuts

  1. i love how the black rodarte dress is cut! now i’m inspired to do some cutting of my own!

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