Monorail Transportation to the Abolition of the Dream Pause

Here’s what I’m feeling right about now:


Sourcessssssss here here here here here here here here here here here here here .

And these:


[from here]



ashestoashes_bwid02[from here]

alien8[from here… and yes, that’s our girl Elyse looking foxy on that motorcycle courtesy of an editorial shot by the amazing Baldovino Barani…]

And, finally, this wonderful song (a demo from Madonna’s upcoming greatest hits album [yes please!]), which proves my theory that good pop music should take a specific sexual innuendo and WORK IT TO DEATH. With a good beat, of course. 

ahhhhhh, summer……. 



10 responses to “Monorail Transportation to the Abolition of the Dream Pause

  1. AVA THIS ENTIRE POST IS A MAJOR SOURCE OF HAPPINESS! I want to partake in this mood.

  2. love the collage..great work!

    camille x

  3. nice, i love it all

  4. Well I already have the cowboy boots, but now I NEED a leopard bikini and a bad temper to go with them! Great photos.

  5. nothing beats a good collage.

    just wanted to stop over and say that i loved your comment on the jakandjil blog today about the woman not shivering. good point and i liked that too.

  6. Madonna, gotta love her, she is classic no matter what anyone says! Love what you are feeling right now in that first pic, looks like one hell raising party!

  7. I love the image of the hands! and I love your blog dear,


  8. hey its lisa from london again visit my new blog at
    recently posted some photos

    thanks for all your inspiration

  9. love this collage, and the photo of daria below in french vogue

  10. LOVE the collage and “ashes” pics.
    Thanks for passing by…now I’m gonna take a look at your blog…looks great.

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