As the title would suggest, a lot of NEW things are goin’ on lately… as follows:

First of all…. I am extremely over-the-moon flipping-out excited about the previously-alluded-to package that arrived at my doorstep yesterday… you see, I was looking for something to wear for graduation that would somehow mitigate the DISGUSTING polyester/nuclear waste synthetic gown, and I ran across a certain item that I was powerless to resist… BEHOLD: ALEXANDER WANG’S BEST CREATION TO DATE!

DSC05697When I saw it on sale (in my size, no less), the prospect of walking across a stage to the indelibly annoying Pomp and Circumstance suddenly seemed more palatable… [worn with Silence and Noise silk tank, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes]

DSC05679I can’t even BEGIN to describe how amazing it is even just as a tactile object– the piping is a lot more 3D than I expected, and the entire skirt has such a wonderful heft and substance to it, despite being mostly sheer! 

DSC05694I love how it looks with my Kirkwoods, but after considering the potential embarrassment factor associated with the combination of the most dangerous shoes I own, crowds of hundreds of people I know or sort of know, and a stage with no traction whatsoever, I decided to swap the Kirkwoods for my prom shoes for the actual event. I actually really like how they’d take the look of the skirt in a different direction, and they’re completely dependable for high-risk walking…

DSC05678Isn’t the giant silver zipper great? It’s one of my favorite parts.

SECONDLY. Last night, in a burst of inspiration and inexplicable energy, I overhauled my entire room and closet situation. I’m super proud of the results- look!


DSC05700These are some of my favorite dresses, vintage and otherwise…

DSC05704Shoes, purses, sweaters, stuffz…




DSC05705And here are most of the rest of my clothes. I finally got around to packing up all the winter stuff- it was taking up a LOT of space.

Thirdly, Hannah and I went on a VERY successful Goodwill shopping expedition yesterday, which yielded:

DSC05707This INSANELY AWESOME jumpsuit! I’ve been vaguely wanting a jumpsuit for a while, but had yet to find one that was right for me… this, with its minimal silver buttons, 80s (but not too 80s) shoulders and perfect fit, was just the ticket! There was a matching pink one which I’m about to go buy, as well, because even though I thought the pink was too candy-colored, on second thought it seems to be begging for a DIY bleach/dye job…

DSC05708and this great lace shirt– I can’t wait to layer it with any manner of things!

DSC05709…and finally, this oversized beaded 80s tunic/almost-but-not-quite-dress on me! I’ll have to photograph it on because it looks really cool.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I finally got my driver’s license yesterday! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY (I was remiss in procuring it when I could have last November…) So Hannah and I will be mobile enough this summer for some possible day-trips to great thrifting and photoshooting destinations!




13 responses to “{[NOVELTY]}

  1. hello 🙂 what a lovely and creative blog you have 🙂
    well if you wanna be inspired by my collages story or just dream, come and visit my blog 🙂
    a bientot !
    Boubouteatime xx

  2. Wow very cool =) I love your buys and your organization! Those dresses are fantastic and the A.Wang is insanely gorgeous as usual =)

  3. Holy shit, that skirt is amazing, MY GOD I want it. What an awesome graduation outfit. Congrats on getting your license btw!

  4. hahah OMG i’ve having the same dilemma with my grad gown!!!! deciding on/finding an outfit and shoes to wear is like a nightmare!!! you are lucky to have found the A. Wang on sale……..

  5. RUISGBFKCX alexander wang skirt is BREAKING MY HEART. i’m totally in love with it

    and your room is way rad. i’ve got to figure out how to style my room better sometime 🙂


  6. that skirt is amazing, U have too many beautiful vintage clothes :oo wow I´m jealous :ooo

  7. wow i am insanely jealous that you have that skirt!


    I might have to drive over to your house right now to view this gorgeous creation. also A+ goodwill finds, wish I coulda been there!

  9. holyyyy shit! the skirt!!!! I wish something remotely as incredible was underneath my high school graduation gown. i did wear treacherous heels, though, and managed to stay balanced during the whole thing

  10. ahhhh i want that skirt its amazing!!!!

  11. Obsessed with the skirt as well as the vintage white dress! Stunning

  12. That skirt is so amazing. You have such pretty dresses hanging in your closet. And I’m pretty sure I have the same, if not very similar lace long-sleeve top that I’ve recently resurrected out from a bunch of old clothes I haven’t worn in forever.

    xo, Becs

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