05.20.09//100th post!

Well then… I am happy to inform you that between the two of us, in the span of less than two months, Hannah and I have succeeded in avoiding hours and hours of homework and have, in the process, crafted {{one hundred posts}} [of varying degrees of relevance] to A & H! 

ONWARD: Here’s what I wore today. Didn’t get around to taking pictures until 11:45 pm and it was just so nice outside….

DSC05473Vintage velvet bolero, tank top of unidentifiable origin, Modern Amusement shirt [repurposed as a skirt–I drew my inspiration from this], Loeffler Randall boots…



…wow…these pictures really succeeded in being awkward. Oh well. I’m sure my self-timer skillz will develop much more fully with the next hundred posts!



2 responses to “05.20.09//100th post!

  1. I’ve been looking at that post on childhood flames and trying to figure out how she did that! nice job on the re-interpretation

  2. totally love the idea of a shirt as a skirt, i definitely could pull it off but it looks great on your xx

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