He Was On Me Like Cheese Be On Macaroni // 05.18.09

If you get the title reference, you are automatically one of the coolest people in Hannah’s and my book…if you don’t, it’s from our FAVORITE SONG (sorry you have to scroll down and click on the song…it was the only link I could find), a meaningful journey of self-discovery and hair-care delivered by the indelibly fabulous Missy Elliot. 

ANYHOW. Here’s a collage I cranked out tonight…. this one happened organically, but after looking at the finished product, I realize that I am indeed still being SUBLIMINALLY INFLUENCED by Star Trek. Note all of the Spock-like makeup (and even hair in that one Givenchy photo…eesh), other-worldly garb by the likes of Rodarte, and, okay okay okay, ONE behind the scenes picture from the actual show. And I even hid it in the back! See, I am at least TRYING to quell my obsession….


Hella sources as follows: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

And in other news, here’s what I wore today:

DSC05460Vintage leather jacket, Reiss dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.




…and I just realized I’ve spent two hours collaging and have neglected to SLEEP. So I’m going to go get on that.



9 responses to “He Was On Me Like Cheese Be On Macaroni // 05.18.09

  1. love Nicks shoe designs! love the bolt of electric colour they give your outfit.
    that collage is fab!
    muah x

  2. Wow, loving this outfit, that dress is to die for, and those shoes are so hot!!


  3. great shoes great blog!

    ❤ come visit!


  4. Ava,

    Amazing blog, simply amazing!

    check this out also:


    I think you will like it. Gives a dudes point of view.


  5. Fantastic collage 🙂
    And I love your SKIRT~ it’s so geometrically tiered and ruffly and pretty!

  6. the shoes!! amazing. the outfit looks great– i love those colors together.

    and i like the collage… everyone wants to look like theyre from a different planet some days

  7. love this outfit! great skirt and amazing shoes!

  8. those shoes are to die for. You are so lucky =)

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